Dan Fogelberg

1972 : Dan Fogelberg "Home Free" (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Organ, Moog & Vocals)
1974 : Jackson Browne "Late For The Sky" (Harmonies)
1974 : Dan Fogelberg "Souvenirs" (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Acoustic & Electric Rhythm Guitars, Electric Lead Guitar (Right Side), Piano, Organ, Moog, Zither, Percussion, Vibes & Vocals)
1974 : Roger McGuinn "Peace On You" (Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Background vocals)
1974 : Joe Walsh "So What" (Guitars, Miscellaneous & Snarks)
1975 : Dan Fogelberg "Captured Angel" (Producer, All Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Banjo, Arp & Vocals)
1977 : Dan Fogelberg "Nether Lands" (Producer, Orchestral Arrangement, Classical Guitar, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Acoustic 12-string Guitars, High String Guitar, Leslie Guitar, Electric Lead Guitars, Electric Rhythm Guitars, Electric Gretsch Guitar, Lead Guitars, Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Pipe Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Arp Synthesizers, Harpsichord, Finger Cymbals, Sleigh Bells & Vocals)
1977 : Fools Gold "Mr. Lucky (Lap Steel)
1978 : Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg "Twin Sons Of Different Mothers" (Producer, Piano, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Six Thousand Acoustic, Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Arp Synthesizer, Percussion, Lead & Background vocals)
1978 : The Original Movie Soundtrack "FM" (Vocals)
1979 : Dan Fogelberg "Phoenix" (Producer, Orchestral Arrangements, Guitars, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Pedal Guitars, Slide Guitar, Electric Piano, Piano, Prophet 5 Synthesizer, Percussion, Antique Ankle Bells, Lead & Background vocals)
1980 : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Urban Cowboy" (Vocals)
1981 : Dan Fogelberg "The Innocent Age" (Producer, Orchestral Arrangements, Lead & Rhythm Electric Guitars, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lap Steel Guitar, Bass, Coral Electric Sitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Tack Piano, Hammer Dulcimer, Mini Moog Synthesizer, Prophet V Synthesizer, Percussion, Tambourine, Cowbell, Ship's Bell, Arp String Ensemble, Bowed Psaltery, Lead & Background vocals)
1982 : Dan Fogelberg "Greatest Hits" (Producer, Strings Arrangement, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Prophet V Synthesizer, Lead & Background vocals)
1983 : Michael Brewer "Beauty Lies" (Producer, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Tambourine & Backing vocals)
1984 : Dan Fogelberg "Windows And Walls" (Producer, Classical, Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, High String Guitar, Bass, Piano, Electric Piano, Roland Jupiter Synthesizer, Clock, Percussion, Tambourine & Lead & Background vocals)
1985 : Dan Fogelberg "High Country Snows" (Producer, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Harmony Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Kurzweil Synthesizer, Hand Claps, Vocals, Lead & Harmony vocals)
1987 : Dan Fogelberg "Exiles" (Producer, String & Horn Arrangements, Drum Programming, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Piano, Piano, Synthesizer, Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, Roland Synth Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine, Vibes, Vocals, Lead  & Background vocals)
1990 : Dan Fogelberg "The Wild Places" (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizers, Roland Synth, Keyboards, Synth Drum Program, Drum Program, Peyote Drum, Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, High String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Slide Guitar, Ambience, String Arrangement, Synth. Woodwinds, Percussion & Vocals)
1991 : Dan Fogelberg "Live: Greetings From The West" (Producer, Lead Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals)
1991 : Roger McGuinn "Born To Rock And Roll" (Background vocals)
1993 : Dan Fogelberg "River Of Souls" (Producer, Engineer, Programming, Drum Programming, Sampling, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Slide Guitars, Lead Guitar, Classical Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Hammond B-3, Synth Steeldrums, Synth Flutes & Strings, Percussion, Brush Cymbals, Cymbals, Cowbell, Jawbone, Loon & Vocals)
1995 : Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg "No Ressemblance Whatsoever" (Producer, Strings, Acoustic Grand Piano, Classical & Steel String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Lead Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Vocals)
2000 : Dan Fogelberg "Live - Something Old New Borrowed... And Some Blues" (Producer, Masterer, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar & Lead vocal)
2006 : V.A. "A Tribute To Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love Concert" (Acoustic Guitar & Lead vocal)
2009 : Dan Fogelberg "Love In Time" (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Strings & Horn Arrangements, Synth String Arrangement, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electric Slide Guitar, Sitar, Piano, Keyboards, Synth String, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Lead & Harmony vocals)

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