Mark T. Williams

1981 : Peter Cetera "Peter Cetera" (Percussion)
1981 : Louise Goffin "Louise Goffin" (Drums)
1982 : Don Henley "I Can't Stand Still" (Drums)
1982 : Joseph Williams "Joseph Williams" (Drums) 
1986 : Graham Nash "Innocent Eyes" (Drums & Drum Overdubs)
1987 : Toto "The Seventh One" (Arranger)
1989 : Cher "Heart Of Stone" (Drums & Tambourine)
1991 : Cher "Love Hurts" (Drums)
1993 : Air Supply "The Vanishing Race" (Drum Programming)
1995 : Air Supply "News From Nowhere" (Drums, Additional Percussion & Talking Stick)
1995 : Air Supply "Greatest Hits Live... Now And Forever" (Conductor, Drums, Percussion & Background vocals)
1995 : Lionel's Dad "Lionel's Dad" (Producer, Arranger, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Keyboards & Vocals) 
1997 : Air Supply "The Book Of Love" (Conducted, Drums, Percussion & Keyboard Sequencing)
1997 : Joseph Williams "3" (Producer, Recording Engineer, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion & Vocals)
1998 : Lionel's Dad "Driving Music" (Producer, Arranger, Drums, Guitars, Fender Bass, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Keyboards & Vocals)
1998 : Lionel's Dad "In A Dream" (Producer, Arranger, Drums, Guitars, Fender Bass, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Keyboards, Other Noises & Vocals) 
1998 : The Mike Reilly Band "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?" (Drums)
1999 : Joseph Williams "Early Years" (Drums)
2001 : Lionel's Dad "One More Lifetime" (Producer, Arranger, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Drums,  Fender Bass, Guitars, Hammond Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Cornet, Trumpet, Charrango, Mandolin, alto Recorder & noises from the Kitchen, Percussion & Vocals)
2002 : Lionel's Dad "Break The Normal" (Producer, Arranger, Drums, Fender Bass, Hammond Organ, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet, Cornet, Mandolin, Charrango, Alto Recorder, Percussion & Vocals)
2005 : Lionel's Dad "Pie" (Producer, Arranger, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Cornet, Mandolin, Percussion, other various noises & Vocals)
2007 : Lionel's Dad "11:11" (Producer, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Hammond Organ, Cornet, Keyboards, other noises & Vocals)
2008 : Finnigan Bros. "Sessions 1990-92" (Drums)
2008 : Joseph Williams "This Fall" (Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Bass & Backing vocals) 
2009 : Lionel's Dad" You Got That Movie" (Producer, Arranger, Bass, Drums, Hammond Organ, Mandolin, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Cornet & Vocals)   

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