George Duke (1946 - 2013)

1970 : George Duke "Save The Country" (Arranger, Piano & Electric Piano)
1975 : John Klemmer "Touch" (Fender Rhodes Electric Piano)
1977 : George Duke "From Me To You" (Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals)
1977 : George Duke "Reach For It" (Producer, Arranger, Keyboards & Vocals)
1978 : George Duke "Don't Let Go" (Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Narration & Vocals)
1978 : Flora Purim "Everyday, Everynight" (Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes & Vocals)
1979 : Dee Dee Bridgewater "Bad For Me" (Producer, Arranger, Vocal Arrangement, Orchestrator, Conductor, Acoustic Piano Scat Chorus, Synthesizer Programming, Fender Rhodes, Bass Synthesizer, Prophet, Yamaha Electric Grand & Vocals) 
1979 : George Duke "Master Of The Game" (Producer, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Acoustic & Electric Grands, Hohner Clavinet D-6, ARP Odyssey, Mini Moog, Oberheim, Prophet V, Crumar & ARP String Ensemble, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Orchestra Bells, Crumar Organ & Vocals)
1979 : George Duke "Follow The Rainbow" (Producer, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Electric Grand, Hohner Clavinet D-6, ARP Odyssey, Mini Moog, Oberheim & Prophet Synthesizers, Funkosizers, Crumer Strings, 9' Yamaha Grand Piano, Keyboards & Vocals)
1979 : Michael Jackson "Off The Wall" (Synthesizer & Synthesizer Programming)
1979 : Flora Purim "Carry On" (Producer, Co-Producer, Arranger, Rhodes Piano, Rhodes, Prophet, Oberheim, Arp & Moog Synthesizers, Synthesizers, Yamaha CP70 & Vocals)
1980 : George Benson "Give Me The Night" (Keyboards)
1980 : The Blackbyrds "Better Days" (Producer, Prophet V Synthesizer & Moog Synthesizer)
1980 : The Brecker Brothers "Detente" (Producer, Background vocals Arrangements, Prophet 5 Synthesizer, Prophet Strings, Oberheim 4 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer, Clavinet & Lead vocals)
1980 : George Duke "A Brazilian Love Affair" (Producer, Arranger, Rhodes, Rhodes Electric Piano, Rhodes Electric Grand, Oberheim, Yamaha Electric Grand, Arp Odyssey, Minimoog, Oberheim Polyphonic Synthesizer, Yamaha CP 70 Grand Piano, Strings, Prophet V Synthesizer, Orchestra Bells, Vibes, Crumar String Ensemble, Nine Foot Yamaha Acoustic Grand Piano, Vocals & Lead vocals)
1980 : Al Jarreau "This Time" (Fender Rhodes)
1980 : Seawind "Seawind (Producer, Keyboards & Background vocals)
1981 : Stanley Clarke / George Duke "The Clarke / Duke Project" (Producer, Keyboards, Master Clapper, Bass Synth, Strings Arrangements, Lead & Background vocals)
1981 : Al Jarreau "Breakin' Away" (Fender Rhodes) 
1982 : George Duke "Dream On" (Producer, Arranger, Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synare, Prophet, Prophet V, Finger Snaps, Melodion, Castlebar Clavinet, , Mini Moog, Arp, Oberheim Bass, Arp String Ensemble, Lead & Background vocals, Vocals)
1982 : Original Sound Track From The Filmways Motion Picture "Summer Lovers" (Producer)
1982 : Jeffrey Osborne "Jeffrey Osborne" (Producer, Rhythm Arrangement, Horn Arrangement, Trumpet & French Horn Interlude Arrangement, Acoustic Piano, Acoustic Piano Solo, Prophet V, Vocoder, Orchestra Bells & Handclaps)
1982 : David Sanborn "As We Speak" (Clavinet) 
1983 : Stanley Clarke / George Duke "The Clarke / Duke Project II" (Producer, All Keyboards & Vocals)
1983 : George Duke "Guardian Of The Light" (Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Acoustic Piano, Sennheiser Vocoder, Prophet V, Prophet V Melodion, Korg Poly Six, Rhodes, Melodica, ARP Odyssey, Linn Drum Machine, Mini Moog, Clavinet Solo, Roland Vocoder, Lead & Background vocals & All Vocals)
1983 : Jeffrey Osborne "Stay With Me Tonight" (Producer, Rhythm Arrangements, Horn Arrangements, Linn Drums, Prophet V, Emulator, Acoustic Piano, Prophet V, Effects & Castlebar Clavinet)
1983 : Rufus "Seal In Red" (Producer & Keyboards)
1983 : Michael Sembello "Bossa Nova Hotel" (Synthesizer Solo)
1983 : T-Connection "The Game Of Life" (Synthesizers)
1984 : Philip Bailey "The Wonders Of His Love" (Keyboards & Synthesizer)
1984 : Paulinho Da Costa "Sunrise" (Castlebar Clavinet, Prophet V, Mini Moog Bass & Melodion)
1984 : Stephanie Mills "I've Got The Cure" (Producer, Additional Production, Arranger, Memory Moog, Mini Moog Bass, Linn Drums, CP70, Electric Grand Piano, Rhodes & Background vocals)
1984 : Original Soundtrack Of The Paramount Motion Picture "Footloose" (Producer, Prophet V, Mini Moog, Linn Drums & Memory Moog)
1984 : Deniece Williams "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (Producer, Moog Bass, Memory Moog, Linn Drum Programming, Keyboards, Rhodes, Prophet V, Vocoder, Synthesizers & Effects At End)
1985 : Melissa Manchester "Mathematics" (Producer, All Arrangements, Acoustic Piano, DX-7, Memory Moog, Prophet V, Synclavier 11, Memory Moog, Bass Yamaha PF15 & Background vocals)
1985 : Barry Manilow "Manilow" (Synclavier II)
1985 : Leon Patillo "Love Around The World" (Executive Producer)
1986 : Philip Bailey "Triumph" (Producer & Arranger) 
1986 : George Duke "George Duke" (Producer, Acoustic Piano, Synclavier, Linn Drums, DX-7, Linn 9000, TX-8, Sennheiser Porpphet 5 Solo, Synclavier Solo, Vocoder, Vocals, Lead & Background vocals)
1986 : Howard Hewett "I Commit To Love" (Keyboards, Synclavier Bass, Synclavier Drums & Synclavier Strings)
1987 : Irene Cara "Casramatic" (Producer, Co-Arranger, Synclavier, Synclavier Drums, Memory, Memory Bass, Moog Bass, Prophet V, Yamaha TX81, Acoustic Piano, Linn Drums, Linn 9000 Programming, Percussion, Horns & Strings)
1987 : Earth Wind & Fire "Touch The World" (Rhythm Arrangements & Piano)
1987 : Hiroshima "Go" (Synclavier Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass & Background vocals)
1988 : Paul Jackson Jr. "I Came To Play" (Piano Solo)
1988 : Al Jarreau "Heart's Horizon" (Producer, Synclavier Overdubs, Synthesizers Overdubs, Acoustic Piano, Synclavier TX8816 & D550, Synclavier Fretless Bass, Harmonica, Pads, TX816 Rhodes, Synclavier Percussion, Keyboards, S550 EFX, YX816 Organ, Guitar D550, Synclavier & Voices)
1989 : Miles Davis "Amandla" (Producer, Arranger, Keyboards & Synclavier)
1989 : George Duke "Night After Night" (Producer, Synclavier, TX816, Acoustic Piano, D550, Super Jupiter, Mini Moog, Castlebar Clavinet, Lead & Background vocals, All Bass Solos)
1989 : Quincy Jones "Back On The Block" (Fender Rhodes)
1989 : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album "The Karate Kid Part III" (Producer)
1989 : Sadao Watanabe "Front Seat" (Producer, Arranger, Synclavier, TX816 & D550)
1990 : Dianne Reeves "Never Too Far" (Producer, Keyboards, Additional Keyboards, Acoustic Piano, Synclavier, MI, D550, S550, TX816, Flute Solo, Synclavier Horn, Synclavier Drums, Bass, Percussion & Additional Background vocals)
1991 : Paulinho Da Costa "Breakdown" (Keyboard Solo) 
1991 : Phil Perry "The Heart Of The Man" (Producer, Synclavier Brass, Fretless Bass, Strings, Percussion, D550 Bells & TX 816 Rhodes)
1991 : Tomoe Sawa "Tomoe Sings" (Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Piano, Keyboards & Background vocals)
1994 : Anita Baker "Rhythm Of Love" (Producer, Mixer, Arranger, Synclavier Drums, Bass, Woodwinds, TX816 Rhodes, Piano, Synth Solo, Additional Percussion & Percussion)
1994 : Phil Perry "Pure Pleasure" (Producer, Strings Arrangements & Keyboards)
1996 : Marilyn Scott "Take Me With You" (Producer, Piano, Synthesizer & Keyboards)
1996 : V.A. "The Songs Of West Side Story" (Keyboards)
1997 : Ricky Lawson "First Thing 1st" (Keyboards)
1998 : Marilyn Scott "Avenues Of Love" (Executive Producer, Producer, Vocal Production, Acoustic Piano, Computer Bass & Keyboards)
2001 : Marilyn Scott "Walking With Strangers" (Producer & Keyboards)
2003 : Marilyn Scott "I'm In Love Once Again" (Producer, Arranger & Keyboards)
2006 : Boney James "Shine" (Rhodes) 
2006 : Marilyn Scott "Innocent Of Nothing" (Producer & Keyboards)
2007 : Noriyuki Makihara "Songs From L.A." (Lead & Background vocals)
2008 : V.A. "E35 II - Let's Sing J-Pop In English" (Lead & Background vocals)  
2009 : Tower Of Power "Great American Soulbook" (Producer & Additional Keyboards)
2012 : Lee Ritenour "Rhythm Sessions" (Fender Rhodes & Moog Synthesizer)
2013 : George Duke "Dreamweaver" (Producer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Synths, Nord 3 Synth Solo, Piano, Wulitzer Electric Piano, Castlebar Clavinet, Rhodes, Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Drum Programming, Nord Lead & Vocals)
2013 : George Duke "Brazilian Fusion" (Producer, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Melodium, Korg Poly Six, Voyager Synth Solo, Stylus RMX Percussion, Scarbee Rhodes, Garritan Strings, Yamaha Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, Hohner Clavinet, Castlebar Clavinet, D-6 Arp Odyssey, Mini-Moog, Oberheim Synthesizer, Prophet Synthesizer, Prophet V, Funkosizers, Crumer Strings, 9 Foot Yamaha Grand Piano, Arpstring Ensemble & Vocals)
2014 - Al Jarreau "My Old Friend - Celebrating George Duke" (Keyboards)

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